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Chiropractor's Endorsement :

"In 75% of my patient's the normal curvature of the neck is lost and they develop a straightened spine and a rounded shoulder posture.  Chiropractic treatments are helpful in restoring the curvature over time,but I have found that Buckwheat pillows help to restore the natural curve of the neck in a shorter period.  Many of my patients that have used the pillow have decreased muscle tension in their neck and shoulders and a overall better nights sleep.  I fully endorse BuckwheatCo. buckwheat pillows and always recommend them to my patients with chronic neck pain."  

Dr. Bart Brundage
Active Life Chiropractic,  New York

Customer's Feedback:

Thanks for your excellent rapid service....will order from you again...am a buckwheat aficionado...

Joseph - Carmel Valley, California   11/27/2013.

Thank you so much for making this wonderful pillow with the included lovely sachet right here in the US, and for your prompt service and beautiful, thoughtful packaging!  The enclosed letter suggests peridocially removing and freshening the hulls in sunshine.  Please let me know how often you recommend this.  Thank you!  Holly - Carmichael, California  11/18/2013

Thank you so much!  I received my pillow Friday, as you said I would.  I enjoyed using it last night and will continue to for years to come.  Whether home or traveling, it will go with me as did my old one.    Betty  11/16/2013

I received my Buckwheat pillow yesterday and I just do not have the words to describe how pleased I am.  The box arrived so fast!  The packaging was beautiful.  When I opened the box, I felt as if someone else had sent me a gift.  I have used buckwheart hull pillows for over 8 years and know that I have never been happier to find your company.   I send a second pillow to my daughter and she received hers yesterday as welll. She is thrilled!  I would like for you to know that I will recommend your company as often and to as many people as I can.  Some people have no clue as to where to buy a REAL buckwheat hull pillow from.  I almost made an error by looking online and was about to purchase from a different store when I read the reviews for that store's pillow. The reviews stated "little white pellets".  I knew that was NOT a real buckwheat hull pillow.  Thank you again.  I will tell everyone about your wonderful company, product, service, and shipping.

Dolly - Springfield, Tennessee  11/07/2013

Thank you so much!  That's amazing customer service!  Ellen - Denver, Colorado  11/4/2013

Thanks for speedy service.  This was 2nd pillow I purchased for a friend, with neck problems.  Loaned her my pillow for a few days.  Her neck pain eased.  She has had her own birthday pillow a week and fully enjoys it.  Thanks again.  R. Smith - Westerly, Rhode Island   9/07/2015

I had a buckwheat hull pillow years ago.  I've gone without since, and I'm thrilled to return, with my wonderful new travel size pillow.  it arrived warp speed in a lovely white cotton zipper cover with two lavender sachets.  I emptied half of the hulls (as suggested) for future replenishing.  So pleased it is a "made in USA" original creation.  cheers, and wishing sweet dreams to all!  Barbara - New York, New York  8/25/2013

Hi Gail,  Just wanted you to know that my husband and I are enjoying our buckwheat pillows.  They're the best and we are sleeping so much better with them.  Also wanted you to know that we appreciated your service, the prompt delivery, the great packaging, and the informative directions for getting maximum comfort out of the pillows.  We'll spread the word about BuckwheatCo.  Blessings and thanks from two very grateful customers, Danny and Kathleen   8/23/13

Dear Ms Parrish, Many thanks for writing.  I am so happy to be able to get this.  I know it will be of great comfort.  It was like a miracle for my mom so long ago.  She is 95 now!  I am blessed.  I appreciate your detailed letter with instructions.  Like a visit from a friend.  I am so glad I found this website.

 Sincerely, Diana - Newark, California  8/08/13

Dear Gail, The pillows arrived in great shape.  Back in 1990, I bought my first buckwheat pillow and was hooked.  Over the years we've tried several different companies for replacements.  I've never found a product that made me want to re-order due to outstanding quality...until now.  The generous amount of buckwheat filling, quality of the pillowcase and prompt delivery has won me over!  Thanks so much for the personal email and YES, I will recommend you to friends and family!  Becky - Taylors, South Carolina   6/26/13

My wife and I thank you for the great nights of sleep!!!!  It is amazing, not having to wake up every hour or so to turn the pillow!!!   Donn - Wellington, Florida   6/21/13

Hi,  Thank you for the instructions here (in the email) and the beautiful packaging/instruction (very helpful). The pillow is beautiful and very generously filled. I slept real well last night.  No sore neck!  I love it.  I definitely recommend you to my friends.  Again, beautiful product, well made and the sachet of lavender is such a welcome addition!!  Have a good day, thanks again.  Gloria - East Lansing, Michigan  6/13/13

Hello - Just a quick note.  I received my two large standard aromatherapy buckwheat pillows today and have never been so thrilled to open a box.  I am very impressed.  The package was delivered to my office and I must tell you that every banker, teller, and manager has been in to see them.  I expect that you will be seeing a few more orders in the very near future.  Thanks again!   PS-  Oh, and the lavender sachets?  Amazing!

  Ellen - New Prague, Minnesota   5/14/13

I have never written to a company before BUT I had to let you know that your product is the best and the way that you package your product shows the pride that the company has for what you do.  I just had to let you know.  Best Regards, Mary  - Dayton, Nevada  4/30/13

I got my pillows today and am thrilled!  I have been using buckwehat pillows for twenty years and love them.  I adore the lavender sachets and the pillow cases are great.  I have always had to sew my own to have a good fit.  Thank you for a quality product and will definitely recommend to friends.   Lara - Kissimmee, Florida  4/20/13

I instantly loved my pillows, by the way.  They have improved my sleep...less tossing and turning trying to find a cool spot.  Plus, I punch the pillow in the spot where I will rest my head.  No neck and shoulder pain because my head is supported.  Kim - 4/12/13

Hi.  I just received my pillows and am very impressed with the packaging and quality.  In fact, I just placed another order for some travel pillows!   Karol - Niskayuna, New York  4/05/13

I wanted to let you know how wonderful your pillow is.  At first I was kind of disappointed because I thought it was too hard for me but once I personalized it "per your instructions" I have nothing but praise for this pillow.  I have had such great restful sleep that I just realized this morning it is because of the pillow.  Thank you very much!!  Douglas - South San Francisco, California  4/02/2013

Hello Gail,  Here's the good news:  I received the buckwheat pillows.  So, I've personalized the pillows to get the right comfort for my neck.  I'm looking forward to sleeping on them tonight.  Will let you know about the results.  By the way, I must say that I'm pleased that you've been able to keep in touch with me and track the package for me.  Thank you very much!   Kind regards, Nhan - Orange, California   3/23/13

I received my pillows the other day and both my husband and I love them.  Nice presentation.  I will recommend them for sure.  Thank you again.   Nancy - Haworth, New Jersey   3/11/13

Dear Gail--the pillow arrived Friday and I used it last night for a comfortable sleep.  I had an old one from QVC for about 10 years.  Yours is much better.  I took out about half of the hulls and it is perfectly comfortable.  it is great to have it made in the USA.  Thank you for your excellent product.  Barbara - Avon, Ohio    3/09/13

Hi Gail, I would like to thank you for the pillow I ordered on Sunday.  I got it on Thursday, right when you predicted.  Thank you for a very nice packaging and a lavender sachet as well.  I am very pleased with the quality of both - the pillowcase, which is sturdy and well-sewn, and the buckwheat hulls.  The print out with the information is really helpful as well.  All the best, Olga - Warrenville, Illinois  3/08/13

I received my buckwheat pillow and I love it.  The support for my neck was what I was looking for and it is excellent!   Anita - Boca Raton, Florida   3/07/13

I just felt compelled to send you a note after receiving my recent purchase. You did a  fantastic job on all levels.  Your presentation and packaging was top class.  The product is wonderful and I appreciate your effort.  All online retailers should take a lesson from your company about presentation and customer service.  Best regards, Kim - Madison,  Connecticut   2/28/13

Dear Gail,  My new buckwheat pillow arrived on Thursday, just as you promised.  I took out a few hulls as you suggested, put in a small sachet (I got the travel size), and have slept on it for the last couple nights--and it is terrific.  I've been sleeping on a buckwheat hull pillow for...at least 15 years, and never thought about taking out the hulls and washing the cover, as you suggest.  The zipper...what a great idea!  And, you inspired me.  Yesterday I took out some of the stitching out of my old pillow, poured out of hulls, have washed the cover, and will put the hulls back in--to use as a spare pillow, now that I have my new one from you.   I have recommended buckwheat hull pillows to people in the past, because I sleep better on it than any other pillow I've ever had--and next time I recommend such a pillow, I will tell them about your company.  Thanks so much, and all the best from a big snowstorm in New Hampshire...  Kendel  - Wilmont, New Hampshire  2/24/13

Gail, I've been wanting to get a buckwheat pillow for some time now.  I finally decided it was time and did last week.  I got my item much quicker than expected.  This is the most amazing pillow EVER.  I got it on Saturday and haven't had my normal neck and back pain since.  I don't know how I ever got along without it.  I'm a believer and will never be able to go back to a conventional pillow.  They need to make buckwheat mattressses.   Clay - Sunrise, Florida   2/20/13

Good morning Gail!  The two buckwheat pillows arrived today via FedEx exactly on time and wow!  What a beautiful product with elegant packaging.....The pillows are perfect and the sachets are so lovely (and exceedingly generous).  The detailed instruction sheet is totally appreciated.  When I have a chance to review this transaction, I wish I could give a lot more than five stars.  Thank you so much for your great service and providing such a fine product. (Very, very impressive how you run your business.)     Peggy - Everton, Arkansas  2/18/13

Gail, I received my wonderful buckwheat pillow yesterday...loved the packaging and quality!!  Removed about half the hulls... may remove a little more...however my neck does not hurt this morning and I will probably order one for my sister.  Thank you for a wonderful product..love the lavender sachet also...I am very pleased...Thanks again...Dee - Crossville, Tennessee   2/8/13

Gail, you're right about relaxing!  I have a very hard time doing that too!!!  But, last night, after taking a bunch of hulls out, I slept like a baby and I DID NOT wake up with a headache!!  It was amazing.  I'm so glad I wrote to you!   THANK YOU SO  MUCH!    Teresa - Springfield, , Missouri       1/17/13


We arrived home last night to find our new pillow waiting at the front door.  It was immediately  put to good use.  Thank you for your quality work and superb service.  Even beautifully packaged!  I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family!  Thanks again.  Shelly - Knoxville, Tennessee   1/01/13

Earlier this week, I ordered a standard size pillow.  Yesterday I received your email that I could expect delivery on Saturday, if available, otherwise on Monday.  But your prompt handlng of my order and FedEx's efficiency brought it today (Friday, March 4th).  I purchased it for my wife who had developed some neck and shoulder pain from a bad pillow.  She is also probably somewhat predisposed to this pain because of a radical mastectomy with lymph node removal some years ago.   After just briefly trying it out today and adjusting its fill level, she really believes this is exactly what she needs.   I had heard of these years ago, and when she complained about her pillow, I thought one might be the answer.  So to Google I turned.  As you know there is one big brand widely available.  But "As seen on TV!" brings to mind such things as Ronco and Double-sided Ginsu, I dug a little deeper.    Your website, product descriptions, and general attitude bespeak honesty, quality, and value.  The way my order was processed and my impressions of your product prove my hunch was right.  I shall order another one very soon, anticipate giving them as gifts, and will recommend you to my friends.  John  Bliefield, WV   3/04/2011


Just wanted to tell you that I am extremely impressed by the quality of your service and your product.  it replaces a similar (neck) pillow bought about 15 years ago in Red Bank, NJ.  at a back/neck products store.  I removed 8 ounces of hulls from your original and have just returned from two weeks of travel with it.  I am very satisfied with my purchase.  Thank you.  M. Catherine  2/07/2011

Gail! My pillows came today.  It made my day.  I had a smile on my face the whole time I was unpacking them.  They were packed so beautifully: the ribbon, sachets.  I already took some hulls out of one pillow and tried it out.  It felt great.  I think these will really work for me.  I left the other fullly packed.  I'll have a little test tonight.  Thank you again for shipping them here....  Best! Ginger, APO-AE  2/05/2011

I love my new pillow.  Especially like the Made in the USA factor. Gloria, Dexter, MO  1/29/2011

Loved the packaging--pillow feels really nice & pillow case is just a little added touch of comfort--the lavender sachets smell heavenly--this pillow is really welcome.  The suggestion to air out the buckwheat hulls will be used on my smaller pillow that I have had for years--thanks for covering all the bases--would have no trouble ordering a pillow as a gift to be shipped--thanks again--Abbie, Louisville, KY  1/27/2011

Thank you Gail.  This is my 3rd pillow from you.  I have told many folks and I know a few of them did buy pillows from you and they love them.  You do a great job !!!  Thank you, Demi 1/25/2011

I rec'd my pillow and was pleasantly surprised by the appearance and packaging.  Awesome job!  Slept great.  I have been looking for a new buckwheat pillow for 6 yrs.  Thanks.  I'll pass this along.  Sandy, Liberty, TN   1/18/2011

Dear Gail, Thank you for offering your American made pillows.  I have slept on buckwheat pillows for years and needed a new one.  There is no other pillow on which I can sleep, and my buckwehat pillow was a life saver for night sweats.  Once I started sleeping on one, I never awoke to a soaked night shirt or sheets again.  Truly a blessing for perimenopausal women..... Marilyn  1/10/2011

Thank you!  Just wanted to say I absolutely ADORE my pillow and have been telling everyone about it!  I cannot believe how comforrtable it is.  Caroline, North Brunswick, NJ

"I have chronic neck pain and have slept on a buckwheat pillow for over 10 years.  I was in need of a new pillow and came across your website, which is very nicely presented and very informative.  I ordered the queen size pillow and was very pleased.  I have been sleeping great and have had no neck pain since its arrival.  I give it 5 stars plus!  Kara, Indiana

Just wanted to add my testimonial!

My doctor told me to buy one of these for my neck issues and I read all the testimonials on your website and was still very skeptical.  After 4 days of sleeping on this pillow (I got a king size) I was shocked to realize I was waking up with so much less neck pain.  Unfortunately my issues are too severe to be "cured" by the pillow, but it is wonderful to wake up feeling so much better now!  I am going to order a travel size also.  Stacey, NJ

I just wanted to thank you for putting out such a high quality product.  I was looking for a replacement pillow for my old buckwheat that I purchased years ago at the local pharmacy.  All I can say is WOW!!!  There is a definite difference in the buckwheat and I love the option of unzipping the pillow case to add and remove the contents.  I wish I found you years ago and have told many others of your company.

Thank you again and I appreciate the good night sleep you've given back to me AND without finding myself in pain in the morning.   Debby, Downers Grove, IL

Pillows were received yesterday.  They were used last night and were just perfect for sleeping.  Nicely made. Joan, Canada

I received the pillow today - super fast delivery and the quality is excellent!  Thanks so much!  Karen

Trying to turn everyone on to your pillows...  I have never slept better!  This pillow is for my 8 year old daughter.  Thank you!  Keith


I just want to tell you I received my pillows (right on time) and I am very impressed and grateful for your company.  Thanks for being professional and making a good quality product.  I enjoyed the packaging.  I was reading the instructions and when it said you can take some of the buckwheat out of the pillow I was looking at the pillow and wondering "HOW".  It took me a while to see the seam and the zipper pull tab.  Great quality sewing!  I tried the pillow and am enjoying it greatly so far.  I can't wait to go back to sleep now.  The travel pillow blew my mind.  I thought it would be smaller and was pleasantly surprised.  I will be traveling in May and now I don't have to worry about the long plane trip being uncomfortable for my back.  I will be ordering again I am sure, not to mention telling everyone I know.  Thanks again, Paula

"Hi, this is John and Colleen,  I just  wanted  to let  you know I  received the pillows today and they are great !!! The pillows are worth every penny. Unlike the stuff that's out there these days that are trying to rip you off for a fast buck. I loved how you packed the pillows to, a very nice touch. I can tell when somebody takes pride in what there are doing, good job guys. I will be buying more from you later on. You now have a new customer for life. Have a great day Buckwheat Company and keep up the good work. Yours truly John and Colleen"

"My pillow and lavender sachet arrived promptly - lovely quality, nice packing, and a very attractive informational insert - beautiful logo!  Nice doing business with you." Marge Bell, Melbourne, FL

" Just got my pillow, and I am thrilled.  I had previously been using a small travel pillow.  I definitely recommend to my friends." Linda O'Hara, Gallatin, TN

"I have slept on a buckwheat hull pillow for years and wanted to replace my old pillow.  I came across your web site and decided to place an order for a queen size pillow.  I received it the other day and was pleasantly surprised at how well made it was.  Couldn't wait to use it and I slept like a baby.  Perfect fill level and the aromatherapy was a bonus! I give it 5 STARS!  Thank you! " Susan Olson Cupertino, Ca

" I thought everyone was just exaggerating with these testimonials.... but my continuous sore neck and shoulders convinced me to give your buckwheat a try. Totally amazing! Each day it's less and less painful; great support! (the aromatherapy sachet is fairly delightful, too.)"  Pam

"We just received our pillows and after a few nights sleep we just love them. We have tried all kinds of pillows over the years trying to get a good nights sleep and these work. Thank you for a good product and worth the price."  Richard and Erica Smith Florence, Oregon

"Competitive prices, quick delivery and excellent material with useful instructions. thank you very much".  Godelieve Monnens, Princeton, NJ

"After searching the local retail giants for new buckwheat pillows, I was thrilled to find an American Company that had just what we wanted.  I placed the order on your website and was amazed to find them delivered in just a few days.  My wife loves the travel size pillow and I use the regular size.  The quality of the pillows is superior.  Thank you for our best Christmas gifts to each other.  Nothing compares to the comfort of sleeping on a buckwheat pillow."   Peter & Barbara Altman New Port Richey, Florida

" I tried a memory foam pillow without success, I tried a contour pillow and all I did was wake up in a sweat, then I tried the buckwheat pillow and it works great!! Thanks for the great service and product." David

" This is the best pillow I have used in my 45 years. The service was fast and top notch - Thanks!"  Jeff

" We recently purchased 2 king pillows and they are huge improvement over the buckwheat pillows we have been using for years (Sobakawa). We liked them so much I just purchased two travel pillows." D. Atlanta, GA

"I got the new pillow yesterday and slept on it last night. It feels incredible!! Thanks again for all your accommodation. I am very pleased :)"  Dave

" The travel pillow arrived quickly, was beautifully made, and very comfortable. Thank you." Emily

" A high quality Buckwheat Pillow combined with fast shipping exceeded my expectations. Thank you!"  Kent

"Best thing I ever ordered. I just love it love it love it."

"I just wanted to thank you for the pillow I received a short time ago.  It was everything you said it would be and then some.  Thanks again." Jim G.  

"Thank you for the quick service.  Price is right and service was great.  I would do business with again in a heartbeat." Betty  

"A beautiful fresh product at a great price, delivered promptly. What more could you ask for?!?! Thank you!!!" Cara  

"Thank for the Excellent Service and product.  I have been searching for a pillow like this for a long time.  I would definately recommend your site." Frank, Virginia   

"Great pillow as described,prompt delivery. Thanks" Allan, TN